This week, the conference committees will meet to resolve the differences between the House and Senate tax bills. There are enough differences between the two bills that they face real challenges in reaching a compromise that works for enough of the members in both houses. Senators Collins (R-ME) and Flake (R-AZ) both claimed they got assurances from GOP leadership that their concerns would be addressed before a final vote, if they voted yes on the Senate’s version last week.

The GOP tax bill will raise taxes on lower and middle income Americans while lowering taxes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations. It will increase the national debt by $1.5 trillion over the next decade, end the ability to deduct interest on student loans, prevent people from deducting personal losses for disasters like fire and flood, inject “personhood” language into the federal tax code in the section about 529 college savings plans, and other terrible ideas. Plus, trick-down economics has never WORKED.

This bill is NOT a done deal. There is still a little ways to go and your voice can make a difference in this fight if we keep up the pressure. Here’s what to do:

Call your Senators now at 1-855-980-2350 and oppose the tax plan.  And if you call a Democratic Senator(s), let them know you’re thankful they voted against the tax scam and you hope they stay strong when the bill comes back from conference.