The results are in and the news is great for Democrats in the 2017 election! They not only did we win the governorships in New Jersey and Virginia but in another tremendous victory, Democrat Danica Roem, a 33-year-old openly transgender former local news reporter made history by winning a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates race. She defeated Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall (R), who had co-sponsored a 2006 constitutional amendment in Virginia banning same-sex marriage that prompted LGBTQ activists to dub him “Bigot Bob.” Roem’s win in is an additional big rebuke to the Trump administration’s open hostility toward the transgender community.

Here are some headlines tonight about the election from around the country, and the world:

Dems win from coast to coast, The Hill

The anti-Trump wave has come, and Republicans can’t stop it, New York Magazine/Daily Intelligencer

On anniversary of Trump election, Dems get something new to celebrate: Victory, Toronto Metro News Canada

Trump just made a bad night for Republicans much worse for himself, Washington Post

In blow to Trump, Democrats win governor’s races in Virginia, New Jersey, Boston Globe