The MC Dems Holiday Cheer Party is coming up soon! A record-breaking crowd had a great time last year, so join the fun on Friday, December 2, at Tiara Rado Golf Course Restaurant, 2057 S Broadway, Grand Junction
5-6 p.m. Happy Hour with cash bar; 6 p.m. Potluck dinner
Please bring:  if your last name starts with A-G, main dish/casserole; H-L. side dish; M-Q, salad, R-Z, dessert. No Thanksgiving leftovers please!
Let’s have some food, drink & fun! Mary Beth says, “
This year, more than ever, we need to gather in solidarity and strength to celebrate the holidays before we prepare for the next four years.”

A few post-election thoughts from Scott: We’re about to give the fox the keys to the henhouse, and I, for one, am gearing up for a fight. No kumbaya, no “can’t we all be friends,” no “it will all work out.” No. With the amount of knowledge and power out there, it seems insane that our country will be in the hands of a small group of potential tyrants with a perverse agenda to tear away at so many American values. My hope is they will be thwarted by diverse groups of us banding together to build a world we can all live and thrive in and to fight off bigotry, greed, poverty, inequality, bullying and other perversions threatening our democracy.

We must work harder than our opposition, be smarter and more creative than them, and relentlessly pursue what we believe in. We can start by paying attention to local, state and national political events and meetings and proposing ideas to solve the hard problems facing us. We have too many good causes and ideas to not be heard. Let’s also vigorously support those who step up to take on these challenges and always have each others backs in the battles we pick. As the CU fight song goes: “Never give in, shoulder to shoulder, we will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!” 

Finally, Robert Reich put out a memo of his thoughts on The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda This is a good reference for ideas of what we all can do now — pick a few and take a swing. You won’t regret trying.

Many Thank Yous: to veteran and loyal Democrat Troy Douglas for organizing the Mesa County Dems group for the Veterans Day parade and to the volunteers who marched with him. Thank you especially to all our veterans in Mesa County for your service.

The November Mesa County Democrats meeting will be Monday, November 28, at 5:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 536 Ouray Ave, Grand Junction. All are welcome. We especially encourage attendance by those who may be interested in running for a Mesa County Democrats board position (election in February).

A reminder that our email updates are open to events, suggestions and ideas from you — feel free to send them to me (Scott).