Colorado Rising is working to pass a ballot initiative to protect people from the hazards of fracking by establishing a 2,500 foot buffer zone between fracking operations and occupied buildings, like homes, schools and hospitals, and areas of special concern, like playgrounds and drinking water sources. The ballot language has been submitted and Colorado Rising is gearing up to start collecting signatures this spring.  Anyone interested in volunteering to help this initiative pass should attend this training. Check out Colorado Rising’s website for more info on the initiative. (This is for a state-wide statute, not a constitutional amendment.)

We will be covered:
-What is the initiative, all the facts you need to know
-Best practices for signature gathering
-Using the snowflake model to organize in your community
-Hosting house parties
-And much more!

Please check back closer to the date for more details including the meeting room and parking information!

The Facebook event page for the training is here.