As part of our comprehensive growth strategy, the Mesa County Democrats are seeking applicants from independent contractors and media firms to run our communications and data operations. Applicants should be passionate about Democratic politics and dedicated to improving the operations of the party. This position pays approximately $10/hour for 30 hours/month of work.


Job Description:

The Communications/Data Coordinator will be responsible for establishing the long-term communications strategy for the party, handling day-to-day operations of the communications infrastructure, and leading the communications committee, a team of volunteers. Responsibilities include:

  • General: Provide technical and editorial support for local party communications (email, website, newsletter, etc.); help provide leadership for communications committee
  • Weekly: Schedule social media posts using Hootsuite; Design, edit and send a MailChimp newsletter (as needed); Utilize sponsored posts/promotions on Facebook/Instagram; Check that committee members are completing tasks;
  • Monthly: Update the backend of WordPress site(s); Ensure website info is up to date; Participate/help lead communications committee meetings; Update database and train party members on the Constituent Relations Manager (CRM);
  • Long-Term: Ensure that all communications align with the communications plan —revise as needed; Establish/maintain the brand/design scheme for the local party; Maintain Slack infrastructure; Train committee members on technical aspects of the operation; Maintain cPanel and backend of website;



  • Previous experience/skills required include WordPress development, social media and email marketing, copy writing/editing, and database/CRM management.
  • Previous experience in graphic design, photography, videography, politics, and/or leadership preferred.


Contact with any questions, or apply using the form at right.