Our Platform

The Democratic Party has a long and proud history of hope, opportunity, and progress toward a better life for the citizens of these United States. The Democratic Party is rooted in the ideas set forth in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. The Democratic platform of Mesa County builds on these historic foundations.

Highlights From Our Platform:

Economic Development

The economy of Mesa County has historically relied upon extractive industries controlled by international political and financial authorities within a world economy. The inherent nature of the “Boom/Bust” cycles of extraction industries, is not controllable by Mesa County. We support a diversified economy predicated on quality of life, a livable wage determined by real economic tenets and the development of sustainable, environmentally sound industries managed by an educated workforce.


Reduced Regulations

The government of Mesa County has long taken an inefficient approach to regulation which stifles economic growth. There is very little coordination between the city governments, county government, and state government, which means that overlapping regulations are often creating. This burden on business should be reduced immediately by fostering stronger cooperation between all levels of government. This allows businesses to expand, hire more employees, and develop the economy of Western Colorado.


Improving Education

Our local school district receives some of the lowest funding per student in the state. It’s important to ensure that we are using existing money in a way which provides the most effective education for our children, but that’s not enough to make up for the funding gap which exists in our state. We believe that local governments should focus on making Mesa County a community which will attract the highest-quality teachers, and that the local community should pass a Mill-Levy Bond measure to increase funding as well.


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