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New Office Coming SOON!

We are excited to open an office space in Grand Junction to give local Democrats a place to meet and work alongside other progressive groups. 

Our office will be opening soon in the old R-5 building , 310 N. 7th Street. 

A New Vision For Mesa County

For too long, Mesa County’s conservative leadership has pursued the same failed policies, depending on the fossil fuel industry with its “boom and bust” cycles, which has stifled economic diversity and development. Mesa County Democrats are committed to seeking alternatives that bring positive changes and improvements to the lives of Mesa County citizens.

Revitalizing Our Economy

Expanding and diversifying our local economy can help us weather the ups and downs in global energy prices that have buffeted us in the past. Building infrastructure and amenities like broadband and a recreation center would help entice high-tech and other new businesses to the valley.

Overhauling Regulations

For too long, local government’s lack of a clear vision has led to a confusing regulatory landscape for businesses and consumers. We want to simplify local regulations, clarifying and reducing them as appropriate.

Improving Education

Everyone agrees we need to make our local schools more competitive. Mesa County Democrats believe in structuring our school system and increasing funding to give our students a better education and a better future.

Protecting Public Lands

Public lands are owned by all of us and provide us all with invaluable ecosystem services, such as water purification, wildlife habitat and climate control. It is wrong for politicians to sell our lands. Government jurisdiction and management ensure proper preservation as well as appropriate access for recreation, solitude, hunting and fishing, grazing and other economic activity.

We Are Democrats

Mesa County Democrats are volunteers who work on local, state, national and global issues. We encourage participation in the political process, champion human rights, and push for responsible, accountable political institutions. We support policies and projects that: benefit women and families; promote quality education, good jobs, and living wages; ensure affordable health insurance for all; keep our air and water clean; protect public lands; encourage scientific and technological advances; and much more. We love Mesa County, and are committed to improving the lives of its citizens.

Updates From The Mesa County Democrats:

Gubernatorial Candidates Forum 2/24

A full bench of exceptional Democratic candidates are running for Governor of Colorado in 2018, and on Feb. 24, you can hear from FIVE of them right here in Mesa County! On March 6th you'll have an opportunity to determine our Democratic candidate by caucusing for...

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Take Action Today.

Improving Mesa County begins with you. By getting involved with a local organization, volunteering, knocking on doors, and being an informed advocate, you help change your community for the better. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources to help you do that. From community organizations to education events to volunteering opportunities, it’s all in one place for your convenience.

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