After years of doggedly clinging to the TABOR Amendment no matter how much it hurt the county, the Mesa County Commissioners are finally considering de-Brucing!

Douglas Bruce, the person who crafted Colorado’s TABOR Amendment

Colorado’s 1992 Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR Amendment) was intended to limit government spending and has resulted in a serious erosion of the  services Mesa County provides to its citizens. (Think DMV!) The three right-wing Mesa County Commissioners have been staunch supporters of TABOR and long refused to bypass it in any way no matter how much the county suffered — UNTIL NOW. In January, the commissioners changed their tune. Scott McInnis said “We shouldn’t punish ourselves” by having to honor TABOR limits, and John Justman actually said “Anti-government people like to see their roads plowed or when they call the sheriff have a deputy show up.” Funny. Liberals want the exact same things! Read more about the Commissioners change of heart here, and if you support de-Brucing (limiting the financial damage caused to the county from TABOR), urge the commissioners to De-Bruce by sending an email to

Read more about the negative effects of TABOR on local governments here (pdf).