The newly-revealed Senate health care bill (pdf), crafted entirely in secret by a small group of while male Republican senators, ends Obamacare subsidies that help people buy private insurance, and instead substitutes tax credits, which would be available only after people pay their premiums in full up front. The bill  also de-funds Planned Parenthood, bars tax credits from being used for abortions, gives a hefty tax cut to wealthy Americans and makes deep cuts to Medicaid. Insurers would be allowed to charge older Americans five times more than younger people for their health coverage, and would raise older Americans’ premiums up to 700 percent. The bill includes $2 billion to help combat the opioid epidemic, an amount that falls short of the $45 billion that Republican senators from the hard-hit states of West Virginia and Ohio had been urging be put towards this problem. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Senate bill would throw 23 million people off health insurance over the next decade.

Disabled people protesting the newly-revealed health care bill were arrested outside Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill and dragged away after the release of the Healthcare Bill.

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